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Repositioning a Whisky to Ignite the Right Audience

Sinfire needed distinction from competition. To unearth that distinction, we dug deep into the Gen Z world to better understand the next generation of drinkers.

It turns out this target audience gets the most fired up about advocacy and honesty. They play hard, care hard and respect brands that say ‘hard pass’ to the typical BS. From this nugget, we developed a spicy new brand identity with the aim of building a community around these truth toting rebels.

Introducing, Blaze. Fire is a feisty element that has both soft and sassy sides. When it’s sweet it can warm, but when it’s feeling bold...boy can it burn. A lot like Blaze, our rebellious spirit animal, who confidently shows off the juxtaposing sides of Sinfire. Will Blaze choose to be #spiceyornicey? Follow along to find out.