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Telling The Untold Story of Women’s Tackle Football

As a collective obsessed with using good work to create change, the opportunity to share the lives and stories of change makers is not one we ever pass up. Inspired by an internal common love for women’s sports, our team wondered upon a story that no one had been talking about. A story that many could not believe existed. The story of women’s tackle football.

Centered around the Oregon Ravens, the Waymakers project brought upwards of ten thousand eyes to a group of humans who are helping define the future of an entire sport.

Jacque ‘JQ’ Lopez, Wide Receiver & Defensive Back for the Ravens, reflected “Watching the documentary with my team was a reminder of why we show up every week to push ourselves and each other. We fight out there every day on the field. This film captured our passion for the game and dedication to each other."

Garnering national attention with support from the first female NFL coach Jen Welter and WNFC founder Odessa Jenkins along with an 183% increase in clicks to their website, the launch of the documentary is only the beginning. Women’s tackle football is here to stay and we’re proud to be cheering from the sidelines.